Whiskey Hollow Distillery Racer Back Tank Shirt
Whiskey Hollow Distillery Racer Back Tank
November 27, 2016
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Whiskey Hollow Distillery Tours
Whiskey Hollow Distillery Perfect Pour
Whiskey Hollow Distillery

Distillery Tours

From: $10.00

Tours are $10 per person. Please select the number of adults below.

When we say interactive, we mean you will learn tons about whiskey and liquor distilling, laugh along the way and get to sample some of our spirits! Pay for your tour and at the end, receive a shot of our best bourbon (worth the price of admission). We are open Monday through Saturday and have open touring hours (listed below). We can also accommodate large groups, just give us a call in advance if you can!

Monday – Thursday
12:00 PM | 2:00 PM | 4:00 PM

Friday – Saturday
10:00 AM | 12:00 PM | 2:00 PM | 4:00 PM

Closed Sunday




Thank you for booking a tour with us. We feel our tour and distillery is unique. Whiskey Hollow distillery, in every aspect, was designed, built and welded by Master Distiller Les Beasley, his sons and staff. No outside construction help was employed. The Double (charred white oak Barrel) thumper distillation system is an early American/Caribbean design first known to be used in the 1600’s and extensively used by back woods moonshiners. Our rare double thumper distillery is the only legal double thumper known in the US. Explanation of different distillation methods, how they change the flavor and smoothness of spirits will be part of the tour.

The tour will be sprinkled with history and stories.  If the still is running hearts cuts at the time of the tour, a fresh running moonshine sampling right from the still is always offered. We call it Hair of the Dog, running at a smooth 150 to 160 proof. The passion I and my crew have for making the best possible spirits is evident when you walk in the door. Allow 1 to 1.5 hours for the tour. Stay as long as you wish and enjoy the full tasting and cocktails made from our distilled spirits. Any of our bottled spirits can be purchased at the distillery, maximum 2 per person.

Tour requirements:

  • A valid 21, ID.
  • $10 per adult
  • Under age children are permitted at $5 – free soda.
  • For safety, preteens will not be allowed in the distillery area and must stay in the lobby while in the company of an adult over 21.
  • If you have a possible disruptive child, please make arrangements for care outside the distillery.

Birthday, Wedding or private parties are always welcome and can be booked.  Check on tour calendar for time openings then please call for these bookings. Whiskey Hollow at (940) 726-3200