Five North Texas Distilleries That Deserve Your Attention

Whiskey Hollow Honored by Gaylord Texan
Whiskey Hollow Honored by Gaylord Texan – Best Texas Bourbon
February 28, 2017
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Five North Texas Distilleries That Deserve Your Attention

Whiskey Hollow was one of 5 distilleries mentioned in an article in You can read the full article below, but here is what the article said about Whiskey Hollow Distilleries.

Whiskey Hollow Distillery – Valley View, TX

304 W Obuch St, Valley View, TX 76272 – 44 miles

Would you believe me if I told you that the best bourbon in the world may be from a blink-and-you-miss-it town of Valley View, Texas? Les Beasley and his three sons who run Whiskey Hollow Distillery there have a few accolades to back up that claim, and they only opened the place in December 2015. Their pride and joy is the Master Select Texas Gold, a delicious piece of liquid engineering, but they make a slightly less potent version of it, as well as various rums and other spirits.

Les is equal parts mad scientist and gripping storyteller; if he didn’t find passion in making whiskey, he would’ve been a Texas historian. He’ll tell you the boiling point of ethanol (175 degrees, btw), give you the history of bourbon in amazing detail (do you know why it’s called a “shot” of whiskey?), and since his motto is “If you weren’t born behind a still, you don’t know what good liquor is”, he’ll teach you how to properly taste his bourbon. If you happen talk to him, ask him for the story about the label on his Wicked River Rye whiskey.

Whiskey Hollow Distillery 6

His goal was for his whiskey to “warm your soul”, and let me tell you, dear reader, it was something else. Complex flavors and an ultra-smooth finish, this may be as good as whiskey gets around here. He makes it in a “double thumper”, a still of his own design and making, and uses only local grains in a true grain-to-glass operation. For fun, they also make flavored moonshine; customers love the apple pie flavor, but a close second is (you’d never guess this) pickle juice moonshine. Business has been good for Les and the boys, and they are planning on opening a much larger facility in Muenster, TX later this year.

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