About Whiskey Hollow

A Craft Distiller with Generations of Distilling

Whiskey Hollow Distillery is a Craft Distiller in Valley View, Texas that has been making spirits for generations. We make Bourbon, Whiskey, Rum and Moonshine the old fashioned way, using what is known as a "double thumper" process. This makes our spirits some of the smoothest on the planet. Plus, the way we distill our liquor keeps only the finest layer of alcohols, making the next day "hangover" nox-existant.

We process our spirits by hand led by Les Beasley. It is a family operation and our customers are a big part of that family. We invite you to come out and tour our distillery and sample our wonderfully smooth spirits.


The Smoothest, Highest Quality Spirits

Whiskey Hollow Distillery is the birthplace of:

  • Texas Gold
  • Double Thumper White Whiskey
  • Double Thumper Silver Rum
  • Double Thumper Gold Rum
  • Cinnamon Hot Shots
  • 151 Moonshine

We would love to meet you! Drop by any day except Sunday and sample our wonderful spirits. We have some amazing bartenders that can make you anything you like. However, we have some specialty drinks you will simply love.